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Using the WomenTech Talk discussion group.

Using the WomenTech Community Message Board.

Q. How do I use the WomenTech Talk discussion group?
A. Send an email to WomenTech-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. You will receive an email asking you to reply to confirm that you want to join this group. After you reply, you will become a member of the WomenTech group and will receive the group's postings via email. If you want to post your own message, email the message to WomenTech@yahoogroups.com.
WomenTech World.org Web site -- this is the easiest way. Click here to link to WomenTech Talk.

For AOL users only, things get a little more complicated.
  1. Start off by clicking on the purple Yahoo! Groups button on our Web site to reach the Yahoo! Groups page. Click on "Join this Group" on the upper right side of the page.
  2. If you are already registered to Yahoo! Groups, enter your login information. Otherwise, click on "Sign Up Now to enjoy Yahoo! Groups."
  3. Choose a Yahoo! ID for yourself and fill in the rest of the form. Enter your email address in the "Alternate Email" box. Click on "Continue to Yahoo! Groups" when your registration is complete to return to the WomenTech group description page.
  4. In the Membership section on the right side of the WomenTech group description page, it may say that you need to verify your email address. Do this by clicking on the link and following the instructions. You are now a member of the WomenTech group. You will receive all the messages posted via email. To post your own message to the group, email WomenTech@yahoogroups.com.
Q. How can I post to the WomenTech Community Message Board?
A. Log on to the website: http://womentechboard.atinfopop.com/4/OpenTopic. Click on the subject that your message pertains to (for example, click on Role Models). Click on "New Topic" or click on a topic that is already being discussed then click on "Post Reply." Enter a username and a message. You can leave the password field blank. Come back to the Message Board to see any new responses.



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